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CC #1 paid off!

November 17th, 2014 at 09:54 am

My Chase card is completely paid off and now I am working on the Discover card. I have about $1700 in monthly charges that go on that card (daycare, gas, home security and home warranty, etc) but I am paying just over $3100 on it each month. The Discover card and the Chase Slate card will be paid off in April, then the Bank of America card will take another year. Then the Capital One and Citibank cards will take another 8 and 9 month to pay off, respectively, with $75K of credit card debt paid off by January 2017.

DH has about $15000 on credit cards in his name, which all have pretty low interest rates, so those will take another 6 months after that, and then the pop-up camper will take 3 more months.

So by the end of 2017, we'll just be left with mortgage, car loans (DH's truck will be paid off by then though), and student loans. Still seems so far away, but this past year has gone so fast and has really motivated me to keep at it!

Also, my youngest will start kindergarten a few months before my CCs are paid off, so that will be extra money to throw towards the rest of the debt as well.

Been MIA for a little while!

November 6th, 2014 at 06:35 pm

Not too much to report on the finances front, just plugging along Smile We did decide to go to Disney world in February. I have cashed in a lot of my vacation time, enough to pay for more than 2/3 of the trip. Also, I bought Disney gift cards at Kroger when they were giving 4x the fuel points, and then used those to pay for the trip (plus earn cash back on my credit card and then paid it off with the vacation time). By doing it this way, I'll save almost $200 in gas and earn $40 cash back. I realize that we could/should have used the money I'm getting to pay down more debt, but I'm working REALLY hard and sacrificing a lot of time with my family. We're looking forward to this trip together!

I've done an awesome job staying within our grocery budget (trying to stick to $400-500 a month). Instead of buying frozen meals for lunch, I'm making whole boxes of pasta and then portioning and freezing them myself. I'm planning our meals out for each week and only buying what I need for those meals. Tonight was bowtie pasta with light alfredo sauce and bacon, and green beans. Why have I never put bacon on my pasta before?? So delicious!!

I didn't update my debt for October because I had the charges for the Disney gift cards on my account and in't be paying them off until next Friday. I didn't want to see the increase and get depressed. Will update when I do my November balance check!