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Been frugal these last few days!

September 24th, 2014 at 09:11 am

I bought 2 whole roaster chickens instead of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Roasted them and got 9 cups of shredded & chunked chicken out of them to make pulled bbq chicken sandwiches, casseroles, etc. Then I used the bones and made my own broth! never done it before so I was a little nervous, but I think it turned out fine. I got 6 cups of broth to freeze (6 bags of 1 cup each) and enough left over to freeze 4 ice cubes worth in case I just need a little bit for something.

Also got a good deal on pork shoulder so hubby can make pork bbq next week. I'll probably freeze a bunch of that even though he usually doesn't want to... I don't mind eating bbq every day for a week, but the kids get tired of it after day 2 so then we always wind up either eating more than we should so that we don't throw it out, or just throwing some out. I'll freeze some and not tell him Smile Will be great for pulled pork quesadillas, one of our favorite meals!

Overspent a little this weekend...

September 8th, 2014 at 09:49 am

I really did need shoes, and we went to the outlets and I bought 2 pairs of really cushy walking sandals that were BOGO 50% off ($78 for both) and I needed new dress shoes. The pair of black heels I owner were from before kids (so at least 8 years ago) and therefore before pregnancy made my feet wider. So I had to squeeze into them for a funeral a few weeks ago and they hurt SO badly. Paid $40 for those.

Before going there though, I had done some shoe shopping online. Not only are my feet wide, but they are also tiny, so most shoe stores don't even carry shoes in my size and I have to buy online. So since I can't try them on, I bought 7 pairs and will return all the ones that don't fit. But it still makes me panicky to see those charges on my credit card even though almost all of them will be refunded!

Spent more at the grocery store than I wanted to, had to get gas, etc. I will have to pay a little less than I wanted to on my remaining credit card debt, but I'll get back on track!

In Christmas shopping news, I belong to a local mom to mom facebook group, and someone is selling an unused Super mario checkers game for $10. Buying it for my 7 year old for Christmas who is Super Mario obsessed and just learned how to play checkers Smile

In addition, I listed 3 Halloween costumes for sale and a bunch of my 3 year olds clothes that he outgrew, so hopefully will sell all of that!

Finding a balance

September 3rd, 2014 at 05:13 am

So I got my schedule for October and half of November for my part time job last night, and they put me on a lot more evenings than I had wanted. I talked to DH about it last night, and he is fully supportive for whatever we need to do, but it is hard. I asked him what he thought about the schedule and if he thought I should tell them I need to be off a couple of the evenings, and he asked "well, do you want the money?" Well duh, of course I do, but at what expense? I have 2 little boys who I get less time with than I would like, but what I am doing is for the benefit of our family. I worked last night and get home after they've gone to bed, and I had a 7 AM meeting this morning and left before they woke up. I hate going so long without even being able to get a hug and kiss from them (luckily this doesn't happen often).

I want to work as much as is reasonable to get out of this debt, but I also don't want to burn myself out and miss out on valuable time with my kids while they are still little. I can say though, that since I took this part time job, we value our time together more and do more things together when I am off, as opposed to sitting around the house in separate rooms.

There isn't really a right or wrong answer, I guess, just thinking out loud...