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Overspent a little this weekend...

September 8th, 2014 at 09:49 am

I really did need shoes, and we went to the outlets and I bought 2 pairs of really cushy walking sandals that were BOGO 50% off ($78 for both) and I needed new dress shoes. The pair of black heels I owner were from before kids (so at least 8 years ago) and therefore before pregnancy made my feet wider. So I had to squeeze into them for a funeral a few weeks ago and they hurt SO badly. Paid $40 for those.

Before going there though, I had done some shoe shopping online. Not only are my feet wide, but they are also tiny, so most shoe stores don't even carry shoes in my size and I have to buy online. So since I can't try them on, I bought 7 pairs and will return all the ones that don't fit. But it still makes me panicky to see those charges on my credit card even though almost all of them will be refunded!

Spent more at the grocery store than I wanted to, had to get gas, etc. I will have to pay a little less than I wanted to on my remaining credit card debt, but I'll get back on track!

In Christmas shopping news, I belong to a local mom to mom facebook group, and someone is selling an unused Super mario checkers game for $10. Buying it for my 7 year old for Christmas who is Super Mario obsessed and just learned how to play checkers Smile

In addition, I listed 3 Halloween costumes for sale and a bunch of my 3 year olds clothes that he outgrew, so hopefully will sell all of that!

4 Responses to “Overspent a little this weekend...”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Those costumes WILL sell if in good shape. That is a good to be frugal by selling used and buying used!

  2. snafu Says:

    When you get new sandals, do you throw out two pairs of worn out, run down sandals? When you settle on new, black dress shoes will you finally rid yourself of the old, painful, wrong sized, black dress shoes? It really helps to set that family protocol, 'when something new comes in, something similar must go.' We only discovered how much was spent on impulse when we knew we had to immediately give up a similar item and those justifications like... on sale, good buy, always wanted one, yadda yadda fell to the wayside.

    Change of season is a terrific time to review and organize your closet and bureau/dresser. Let go of wrecked, uncomfortable, tatty, wrong sized, never wear-it apparel and list what's needed as replacement when it's on sale. In high school we were encouraged to create what was called a 'capsule' wardrobe. I still follow the rule that says only 12 hangers for every foot of closet rod space.

  3. frugalredhead Says:

    Yes, I do snafu! In fact, the pair I bought are replacing a pair that weren't that comfortable, and so they were barely worn. I'll be putting those on Ebay. The black dress shoes are too worn to sell, in my opinion, and will just go to Goodwill and get written off on taxes. We have done a lot of clearing out of clutter lately and it feels great! Not to mention all the money I've made selling it!

  4. snafu Says:

    Terrific to sell those items that never fit well and remain in nearly new condition. Do you also use FB sale page. local Kijiji etc? Sadly apparel never sells well in this region.

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