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Need job/pay advice

April 15th, 2015 at 11:15 am

Hi all! So I have some potential changes coming on the job front and I was just thrown a curveball. So my immediate supervisor is a lovely woman but kind of a train wreck, and the person our whole department now reports to is a raging bitch (pardon my french, haha). My plan had always been to stay here until my supervisor retires, and then apply for her position, but the way things are now, I wouldn't want it! I happen to know she has currently applied for another job and is waiting to hear back.

So there is now a manager opportunity in my field, head of a department of 4 people, with my same company but a different hospital (so all seniority, vacation time, 401K matching, etc would transfer), that will be posted any day now and I am going to apply for. There has been a lot of turnover there but I have heard things are getting a lot better (from the people I would be supervising).

So I went down today to tell the head of my hospital that I was going to apply for it. I don't report to her, so I didn't need let her know per policy, but I like and respect her and wanted her to hear it from me (someone else who works here is married to "raging bitch" boss and I don't trust him to keep his mouth shut after wife tells him at the dinner table tonight).

She told me that she has been pushing to have me report directly to her, and asked me if I would consider staying if it came with a title change (to manager) and a pay raise. I told her I would certainly consider it, but that it would need to happen fast because I expect this other opportunity to come fast (I've already spoken to the hiring manager and they seem to really want me to come work there). I'm not going to stay here on the promise that something will happen in the future that might never actually happen. She said she will go to our CEO today and tell her that they need to do whatever it takes to keep me here.

So bottom line is, I love my hospital, I love the person I would wind up reporting to, and I would most definitely stay if they made me a good offer.

So when they come to me and ask what it would take to make me stay, how much do I ask for?? I've use salary.com, payscale.com, and indeed.com, and I don't make anywhere near what those sites say I "should" be making. I have never found those sites to be all that accurate. My field is small and specialized so there's not a lot to go off of from online research. I was thinking that if I took the new manager position at the other hospital, I'd ask for about 10% more, but knowing my company they'd offer me a fair bit less than that.

Any advice from people who have been there? I've never been told "tell me what we need to give you to make you stay" before and I want to ask for as much as they might reasonably give me without looking crazy! Smile